A Song for Christmas

For the past four years at Christmas time, I have used my passion for technology and video production, together with my role as music teacher at St Cyres School to create a primary schools’ Christmas music video for the local community.

This involves six local primary schools learning and singing the same song, then coming together in the video to perform as one big choir. In the past this would have usually have been filmed separately at each school and then brought together during the final edit, but this year each primary school brought a selection of pupils to St Cyres School and including our own choir we performed and filmed the song as one.


Briefing the pupils from the seven different schools on how we were going to shoot the video

The majority of the filming was done using two Canon digital SLR cameras with Rode microphones mounted on top. The singers performed a few takes so that I could position the cameras in different areas of the hall to achieve multiple angle shots. The school has recently purchased a DJI Spark drone, so I couldn’t resist using this too!


One of the Canon DSLR cameras used to film the music video

Once the filming was completed, I used Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software to edit the different angles together, syncing the footage to the original backing track to achieve the highest quality sound. I also added the magic of Christmas by super imposing snow and a flying Santa over the school!


On the morning of December 1, the finished video was uploaded to St Cyres School’s YouTube channel and made available for all of the primary schools to share with their pupils and to the wide community using social media.

To watch the video please click on this link –  A Song for Christmas 2017 – St Cyres School