Olevi’s Outstanding Facilitator Programme

Last month I spent three days at Olevi’s Headquarters in Orpington, London as part of their Outstanding Facilitator Programme (OFP).

Olevi is the centre for leadership in teaching and learning that have two aims: –

  • to drive up standards in schools around the world
  • to create a successful teaching and learning culture that leaves a lasting legacy
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The delegates of the OFP tweeted by Olevi

Two years ago I completed Olevi’s Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP) and although I always strive to be the best teacher I can possibly be, being recognised as an outstanding teacher and having the opportunity to complete the programme was such a fulfilling and positive experience. This programme gave me the confidence and freedom to ensure that I always go the extra mile in all of my lessons, challenging and engaging the pupils and therefore having a major impact on their learning.

The Outstanding Teacher Programme has been developed to ensure that teachers consistently deliver high quality lessons through the use of different teaching models and techniques.

The main model used is DR ICE which focuses on five areas that are the main ingredients in creating an outstanding lesson.

  • Deepening Thinking
  • Role Modelling
  • Impact
  • Challenge
  • Engagement
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Working with school leaders from around the UK at part of Olevi’s OFP

Now that I am an accredited facilitator of the OTP and ITP, this will allow my school to facilitate the OTP programme and to develop outstanding teaching and learning. We plan to deliver the programme to select members of staff during the next academic year.

As teachers we are so busy and very rarely have time to stop and discuss what we do in our classrooms. I feel that having the opportunity to reflect on our teaching and how our lessons impact the student’s learning is vital to ensure we are the best teachers we can be.

Becoming an accredited facilitator of the OTP and ITP