Year 5 iPad STEAM Day

Year 5 STEAM Day

It’s been a whole week since we ran our biggest collaboration project yet. We had over 110 students eagerly awaiting to take part in our STEAM day @StCyresSchool. Before the event Damian Parker (@Cyres_DT) myself and Laura Hilltout (@MrsHilltoutArt) visited our local primary school to deliver a kit of resources to build their robots ready for the main event. Each of the schools were given a kit of resources and two @Sphero robots to practise with, and develop their designs on. On the day of  the event, we were all prepared and excited to start. My year 8 students organised the resources, and our team greeted our visitors on arrival. 

Ice breaker

Before we split off into coding, all schools took part in Robot Wars. The aim of the game was to either pop the opponents balloon or simply knock them over. I’d forgotten how loud and excitable year 5 can be when competing against each other. Each team had a number of different runs, with the winners presented with a trophy at the end of each round.    


Working with our primary school teachers, the MAT pupils were moved on to attempt the challenges on our coding areas. Led by @BenPartridgeBTP and helped out by our own Coder’s, the students quickly worked through the range of challenges placed in front of them. As the students became more confident, so the courses were made more difficult. All students performed exceptionally, with many completing the final course. Winning teams were voted on, and final trophies were presented by our year 8.

The day passed so quickly, all students experienced what a STEAM day is all about and what an amazing school and students we have at St Cyres. The project could not have gone any better, and will definitely be something that we intend to run again next year.


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