Give Our Students the ‘Apportunity’

At the beginning of the academic year, Apple released the everyone can create Music book. This gave me the opportunity to redefine the way I teach all of my music classes. I use GarageBand in practically all of my lessons which has given all of my students the opportunity to learn and create music in many different ways.


It has given my students the opportunity to become performers. Using the touch instruments in GarageBand, the students not only create high quality music but it also gives them the experience of how the real instrument would play. The touch instruments enable the students to bend a string on a guitar, bow a violin or play a drum kit. The students are also able to perform using live loops which develops their improvisational skills. They can also a develop ensemble and social skills by performing together as and iPad band.

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 12.03.37

The students are also given the opportunity to become composers. They can compose by recording themselves playing the instruments, they can use the banks of professional sounding Apple Loops which all work seamlessly together and they can also draw in their melodies with Apple Pencil.


The students are also given the opportunity to become producers. Using the the voice recorder the students can record their voices or other sounds and then easily edit and manipulate the sounds. This is not only a powerful tool for music but also for all subject areas. It can be used to create project work or when creating podcasts.

The most important thing I’ve noticed is that Apple Technology enables our students the opportunity to succeed. I witness this everyday but I have especially noticed it with my non-traditional musicians such as Lewis. Lewis joined my school half way through the GCSE course as he wasn’t getting on well in his previous school. Lewis is an outstanding musician, a natural talent. However, he cannot read music which was a problem due to the way the course is structured. Luckily we had access to recording technology which gave Lewis the opportunity to record his performances and compositions. Due to this Lewis was given the opportunity to achieve 100% in his GCSE coursework. Without the technology, Lewis would have failed.


Paul McCartney, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie and Dave Grohl are all famous musicians who are known for not being able to read music. This got me thinking about how many future music icons are we missing out on because we are not giving them access to the technology, not giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Giving our students the opportunity or should I say ‘Apportunity’ means that Everyone Can Create!

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